Through a single cow, the world of industrialized agriculture is explored, and a new perspective of our position within its complex ecosystem is created.

How to Consume Romie 18 is a collaboration between designer Adelaide Lala Tam, and the Genneper Hoeve, a biodynamic farm located in Eindhoven.

Starting with a shared interest in the responsibilities humans have towards animals within agricultural industries, both Adelaide and the Genneper Hoeve emphasize an informative and educational approach in their activities, endeavouring to make different agricultural systems visible and understandable to a wide audience.

In this collaboration, Adelaide aims to share the story behind the meat and dairy industry, which she feels is too often hidden behind the closed doors of industrial food processing infrastructures.

Thanks to the opportunity provided by the Genneper Hoeve, the reinterpretation of agriculture can be shown through everyday food products like for example, the beef and cheese sold in the shop. The collaboration communicates the reality of our consumption of animal products in a direct, accessible way.

Adelaide also explores the value contained in the bone, fat and hide of Romie 18 to create everyday items which will revive the awareness of the use of livestock in products.

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Adelaide Lala Tam

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Adelaide Lala Tam is a designer who dismantles industrial food production systems to gain a critical understanding of our modern relationship with food. Through designing food experiences, objects and stories, she communicates the complexities and nuances of this relationship in accessible ways that allow her audience to reconnect themselves to food ecosystems.

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